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The Jal Sakhi  is a pioneering initiative launched on the concept of synergy which has borne rich dividends for all stakeholders.

As a unique initiative, Guwahati Metropolitan Drinking Water & Sewerage Board ( Guwahati Jal Board) entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Assam State Urban Livelihood Mission Society - ASULMS, (implementing agency of DAY-NULM in the State of Assam) for rolling out various activities related to promotion of House Service Connections, Billing and Metering of water supply to residents of Guwahati Metropolitan Area, thereby effecting convergence of the Board and the Mission. Under this convergence programme of GMDW&SB and ASULMS, women Self Help Groups (SHGs) under the mission are being mobilized by ASULMS to act as “Jal Sakhis.”

Know Your Jal Sakhi
Works done by Jal Sakhis:
  1. The Jal Sakhis conduct public consultation programme for Information, Education & Communication (IEC) about the availability of piped water supply by GMDW&SB at Kiosks/camps and also awareness on how to apply for the house service connection.
  2. They are trained by GMDW&SB for the process of mobilization of consumer applications in parts of District Metering Areas where water is being supplied;
  3. The Jal Sakhis also carry out Monthly Water Meter reading, distribution of water bills and also collection of revenues in certain cases through a Point of Sale (POS) machine via a Bank payment gateway;
  4. Testing of Quality of water supplied by GMDWSB; on a periodic basis is also being done by them.
  5. The Jal Sakhis are the first point of contact for Consumer Grievance Redressal and they act as a bridge between the Board and the potential and existing consumers.
Outcome of the convergence
The outcome of the convergence has proved to be fruitful for both the stakeholders the Jal Sakhis and Guwahati Jal Board while the SHGs members are being empowered in their social and economic life after being roped in as ‘JAL SAKHIS’, Guwahati Jal Board has benefitted by ways of consumer mobilization, speedy grievance redressal and revenue generation.

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